Recipe Card - Lemon Chia Strawberry Sconecakes

When I first made this recipe, I was short on ingredients but I needed to create a light dessert that my kids would like and that wasn’t a total headache in the kitchen. I had some old frozen Coco Whip, a bag of frozen strawberries and a desire in my heart to make a strawberry shortcake-esque dessert.

I have since made many variations of this recipe even for my Mother’s Birthday instead of cake. In case you are new here, I always encourage altering recipes and using what you have and making these recipes work for you and your budget.

Whatever delicious version you make out of this recipe, I am happy to be your guide. Your taste buds will thank you. Enjoy your delicious sconecakes!


Download this recipe card by clicking on the pdf file below.

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Click here to download the Lemon Chia Strawberry Sconecakes recipe card. It is beautiful, easy-to-print, and also looks good on a screen.

Enjoy. - Mama Jess